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The 125th New York Regimental Association Inc., is a non-profit educational corporation chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York on behalf of the NYS Education Department.  The purpose of the Association is to educate the public about the American Civil War and the 125th NY in particular; to honor those who defended and served the nation during the crisis; and to provide an authentic learning experience in a family oriented setting to our membership.


The Association was formed in 1987 and most of our members are seasoned reenactors, with many years of reenacting experience. Some of our members reenact two or more historical impressions.

Safety is paramount and high standards of authenticity and behavior are expected. In return, the individual member is guaranteed a group of sincere and dedicated friends; and an organization that does not make unreasonable demands.


Although centered in the Albany, NY area, some members do live outside the immediate area. Many are also members of the Capital District Civil War Round Table, the New York State Military Heritage Museum and The Sons of Union Veterans.


Like with any hobby there is a cost to acquiring the weapon, uniform, equipment and camp gear necessary to accurately portray a Civil War soldier.  The initial and ongoing investment is guided by level of authenticity that you as a reenactor wish to attain.  A higher end impression can be quite costly but an acceptable impression can be obtained for a very reasonable investment when compared to other hobbies, say golf or kayaking.  New reenactors will be assigned a seasoned mentor who can help them make appropriate choices when building the impression and the Association can help get you into the field by loaning you some of the equipment you need.

There is no set time commitment required of members but like anything the more you participate the more you get out of it.


Throughout the year we try to do a half dozen local parades or one day presentations as a way to say thanks for local support.


Wehave an extensive school program that ranges from living histories conducted on the school campus through classroom presntations conducted by one or two members.

We also do living history weekends throughout the entire Capital District from Columbia to Saratoga Counties and fromt he Vermont/Mass border west as far as Otsego county.

We try to attend at least three or four big reenactments during our reenactment season.

Attend only the events that you can make.


The Association sponsors not only the 125th New York Volunteer Infantry impression, but also the Civillain Corps of Volunteers, or CCV. The CCV portrays the civillian connections to those "heroes" of that Rensselaer County, New York regiment in the Civil War.


CCV members portray a camp outreach for the US Sanitary Commission (Christian Commission) and also a laundress, nursing volunteers, a regimental sutler and all sorts of fundraising supporters of the soldiers.






























125th New York Regimental Association

The 125th at the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg reenactment

The 125th NYVI Regimental Association Board Members 

Dave Houghton                 President    

John Orlop                         Vice-President

Richard Straight               Secretary

Mike Marchand                 Treasurer

Rich Talay                          At Large


Civilian Committee 

Susan Carver           Chair


The 125th NYSVI Military Chain of Command 

Ted Shurt                 Captain     

John Orlop               1st Lt

Max Speer               1st Sgt.

Josh Nare               2nd Sgt.

Tim Walker              3rd Sgt. 


Bugle Editor  John Orlop

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