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Favorite Links

The following is a list useful links that pertain to the Civil War












  • Mifflin Guard Website (A Civil War organization that the 125th is a part of); LINK


  • Sons of Union Veterans (For descendants of Civil War soldiers); LINK


  • Capital District Civil War Round Table (All those interested in the Civil War); LINK


  • The Family page of the desendents of Capt. Harry Haskell; LINK

       (Captain Harry L Haskell started the war in 1862 as a Sargent Major in the 125th NY. 

       Rising through the ranks he finished the war with the rank of Captain and continued to

       serve in the military after the war.)


  • Laura Smith's site dedicated to theCivil War Veterans of the Hudson Valley; LINK


  • NYS Military Museum's 125th NY Page; LINK


  • Wikipedia's 125th NY Webpage; LINK

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